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                                                  Haicheng vice mayor Kong Wei to the group survey
                                                  Source: | Author:beihaigroup | Publish time: 2017-11-27 | 1953 Views | Share:

                                                  On May 20, 2015, vice mayor Kong Wei to the Beihai Group subsidiary Haicheng Beihai container Co., research, guidance, along with the leaders and the City Supervision Bureau, zhen'an.

                                                  During the visit, Kong mayor inquired about the company's current production and sales situation, and put forward some improvement suggestions for the company, hoping that the company could steadily win the battle and get through the economic difficulties in a orderly way. At the same time, we also hope that the enterprise should not neglect the principle of safety production while producing it, and create a work place for the workers.

                                                  In the field of safety production, the group has been vigorously carrying out. The warning signs are found everywhere in the company, as well as fire related equipment. One or two fire exercises will be carried out each year, and all the possible dangers can be killed in the cradle.