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                                                  About Us

                                                  Formerly known as the Haicheng No.2 Stone Powder Factory founded in 1987, Liaoning Beihai Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. incorporated in Haicheng City of Liaoning Province was initially dedicated to industrial minerals mining and processing.

                                                  In 2004, Haicheng No.2 Stone Powder Factory subsidiary were reorganized to constitute what is now Beihai Group. The business rapidly expanded from talc and calcium carbonate to include a diversified range of other industrial minerals: magnesite, dolomite, quartz, and fluorite. Beihai also started to invest in related industries like bulk bags manufacturing. 

                                                  Starting from a very small scale processing mill operating a single Roller Mill, Beihai Group has now grown into a large diversified corporation regrouping industrial minerals, plastic master batch, packaging, trucking. 

                                                  They take up 500,000 m2 of land and 150,000 m2 of buildings. The group controls 18 subsidiaries, 26 mines, 7 processing plants and a R&D center. It provides work for over 3,000 people including 185 technical staff and 43 senior executives.

                                                  Beihai Group is an active member of several trade organizations: China Chamber of International Commerce, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, and Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters. It has been awarded numerous prestigious honors: Top 100 Tax Contributor in Liaoning Province Rural Areas, Inspection Exempted Company of the Year, Top Exporter and Foreign Currency Provider, Highest Credit and Business Partner Ratings.

                                                  Behai Group steadily implements a sustainable expansion strategy which combines superior technology, international expansion, human resources development, health safety and environment protection. A compelling and honest corporate culture is critical to achieve success in diverse core businesses. 

                                                  Looking forward, Beihai Group will keep increasing its contribution to stakeholder’s wellbeing through better performance.